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Postby Oliver.Matuschin » Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:09 am

Jim wrote:Whether they went broke from underestimating the cost of development, or they squandered it on beer and pizza is anyone's guess.

They got backed with 49.349 £ on Kickstarter. To be honest, when I saw the sum, I already thought they were underestimating the costs – being a dev myself and considering all the things they wanted to do with the money. So I am glad that they at least delivered a playable game. I personally don't really care about the rewards.

I just think it is really not a good behaviour of Barnstorm Games to just ignore everything going on on this board and never answer any questions regarding the rewards or any future development of the Pro Pinball series.
The board is still alive as well as the pro-pinball page itself. So someone is still paying at least for the domain and the hosting.
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