Will there ever be more Pro Pinball Tables....mmm...NO

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Will there ever be more Pro Pinball Tables....mmm...NO

Postby spannernick » Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:58 pm

Or is this a one off,Timeshock is good but its the same game from 1997 with better lighting,so you can only play it so many times,I would like to see other tables too,if you only going to make one,what was the opoint of it,to get money,maybe.

ahhh..There will not be another remake,cause thats what Timeshock is a remake. Like films that are rebooted or series like Lost in Space ,now thats is a good remake,Timeshock is too ,but it needed more tables. Now look at Pinball Arcade and how there tables are brilliant,you could of done it like that too.You still could where you add tables and the custom pays for them in the app...but ..noo...ahhhahah...dam it...

About what happened to Cunning Developments(there logo is on the DMD in the game still.. :) )

"Silverball Studios (previously Cunning Developments, then Fuse Games) was a UK Video Game company best known for their various digital pinball games.

As Cunning Developments, the company received critical acclaim for their Pro Pinball line of digital pinball games for the IBM Personal Computer. Whereas earlier computer pinball games used a scrolling top-down playfield, the Pro Pinball titles used pre-rendered views of modelled pinball tables, providing photorealistic graphics, fast action, and complex rulesets that rivaled the Real Life Pinball games of the time. After developing four Pro Pinball games, the company tried to branch into console gaming with Endgame for the PlayStation 2, which was quickly ignored.

Out of the ashes of Cunning Developments came Fuse Games founded by Pro Pinball developers Adrian Barritt and Richard Horrocks. Seeking to show off their talents, they developed a prototype video pinball game with Nintendo's famous plumber, then pitched it to Nintendo of America in Seattle. Nintendo was sufficiently impressed to sign the company, and their demo became Mario Pinball Land. Fuse Games went on to develop more games for Nintendo, but went into voluntary liquidation in 2009 when some of their shareholders departed.
The company reformed a month later as Silverball Studios, serving as a developer for Barnstorm Games to create titles for a variety of platforms. In 2012, the company attempted to revive the Pro Pinball series through Kickstarter, recruiting veteran pinball designer Pat Lawlor to develop a new table for the series. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter project failed to reach its funding goal; the studio then went into liquidation, and has been fully absorbed by Barnstorm Games."

Ahh you are no more,well Pro Pinball is dead now...Its a shame,Still play it on my PlayStation One,got all of them,you can get the for £5 on eBay now.Would of liked to see a remake of The Web( thats the only one that really deserves it case of its poor graphics and light with no names on) but it will not happen,The only real populaur one is Timeshock and that properly why you remade it.,I wounder if the PC version can be modified with better graphics...?? anyway good luck with what you do next,You could make a new Pro Pinball,but I don't see that happerning too.Its dead.RIP Pro Pinball.. :( END OF LINE>>>>>>>>>

Hats of too Cunning Developments cause we wouldn't have Visual Pinball and Future Pinball if it was not for your Pro Pinball tables.. :D
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Re: Will there ever be more Pro Pinball Tables....mmm...NO

Postby Piet » Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:57 pm

If you think there are only so many times you can play Timeshock! you are wrong. The Pro Pinball tables are made to last. Still no other pinball game I've played comes even close to the ball physics and realism of the old tables excluding The Web.

In your story you forgot about the 2nd Kickstarter.

My believe is that sooner or later Adrian or someone else will pick up the pieces and continue. It may take another 10-20 years though.

Personally I'd like to see them licence their Pro Pinball engine like e.g. the Unreal engine. That way we could enjoy more pinball games with decent physics, because Pinball Arcade, Zaccaria pinball and Pinball FX don't have what it takes to entertain me.
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