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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby ealadubhsidhe » Sat Sep 28, 2013 4:48 pm

Well now... some of you probably know me already as Eala Dubh Sidhe, a long-time table developer on Visual Pinball and familiar name on VPforums. I haven't been so active in VP circles over the last year of so, since that time has been vitually exclusive towards Heighway Pinball in South Wales. Yep, I'm also Dave Sanders, the chief game designer behind Full Throttle, which itself devloped from the earlier Circe's Animal House playfield (a game which, by hook or by crook, I intend to get made in one form or another). Though making the jump to working on the real thing is every designer's dream, I'll never lose or cut my ties from the digital roots I started from... and in all truth, I'd *kill* for the chance to develop creations of my own on the Pro Pinball platform. :)
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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby pcraenme » Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:29 pm

ealadubhsidhe wrote:Though making the jump to working on the real thing is every designer's dream, I'll never lose or cut my ties from the digital roots I started from... and in all truth, I'd *kill* for the chance to develop creations of my own on the Pro Pinball platform. :)

Maybe an 'opening' to new PP tables? A Pro Pinball editor like the ones in VP and FP would be great. There is a lot of creative talent out there in VP and FP communities (e.g. you, rom, fransisco666, SLAMT1LT, etc.). I think even one of them is working with you on Heighway Pinball as well. :-)
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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby Josephiah » Sun Sep 29, 2013 8:46 pm

Hey folks,

I'm Jo, hailing from Inverness, Scotland. Always loved pinball games, and grew up playing Crystal Caliburn/Loony Labyrinth, before trying out the demo of The Web which came with an issue of MacFormat. That 60 second demo was cruelly short! It's been a while since I've managed to give much attention to any gaming news, so discovering the Kickstarter for TS! the other week made me the most excited I've been about a game in years. Looking forward to playing PP on my mac again without having to use an emulator (no music :()!

I also have ambitions of building my own table from scratch, but at my current rate of progress it may have to be my retirement project...

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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby Lars Scholz » Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:03 pm

Hi @ll,

I'm Lars, age 44, living in a small town nearby Cologne, Germany. I always loved pinball, on the real table and on the several computers I owned over the last 30 years... I'm not quite sure, but I think my first pinball game on any computer was something like "Pinball Construction Set" on my Sinclair ZX Spectrum back in the 80's?

But I will never forget the day I first got my hands on "PP The Web" on my PC... everything before that was pinball games... that was a pinball simulator!!! And T! was even more so a year later... I was absolutely stunned, hooked! Back in these days I was not only convinced, that these PP games were simply the best pinball simulation EVER, I was also stunned by the elegance and beauty of the code... It ran so smooth and flawlessly on so many quite different PCs I could test it on! And I was right, the beauty of the code is proven by the fact, that the games run fine on current PCs 17+ years later!

But back to topic :-) I'm very happy, that T! Kickstarter was funded this time. I'm very proud of being a member of the testing team... so I maybe can give back just a small part of the enormous joy PP gifted me over these years!

Pro Pinball!

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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby Mo6 » Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:07 pm

Hi guys, i'm Mike from Holland and start loving Pinball sinds i installed Timeshock. That was for me the first digital pinball worth playing (it didn't scroll vertically like others i've seen..) Timeshock RULES and i played it for hours and hours (a real midnight madness)..

When I heard that Pro-Pinball, in 2012, announced that it would bring a new table i was really excited :o In 2013 i came back to the pro-pinball site to figure out that it would be a new and better version of Timeshock ... NICE NICE NICE :D
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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby frederikjurk » Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:12 pm

Hi there! :mrgreen:

I´m Frederik from Germany. My history with pinball started when I was a little kid and begged my parents for some change to play the pinball machines in the back of an italian restaurant where my aunt lived. Recently I´ve been thinking hard about what these machines could have possibly been, but I guess I will never find out.

A few years later I bought this little (and rather simplistic) Sonic Pinball toy machine from my allowance:

That thing ate batteries like crazy, because it basically was driven by a shaking motor that just kept running constantly.

Due to german laws that in essence grouped pinball and other arcade machines together with gambling and slot machines (which meant you could only enter arcades if you were over 18, killing it as entertainment for kids or teenagers), we never really had proper arcades back in the 70s, 80s and 90s - at least not that I can remember.

I only recently rediscovered pinball by getting The Pinball Arcade on my dinky little iPod Touch. I went from being vaguely interested and rather overwhelmed to more and more intrigued. I got an iPad soon after and looked forward to new releases each month, while slowly trying to figure out what pinball is all about.

These days I´m mostly stuck with virtual pinball, though I´ve been on a trip to the dutch island Texel recently, the vacation resort "De Krim" more specifically, and they had a little arcade there, with Revenge From Mars and Guns´n`Roses. Not my favourite machines, but I had a lot of fun going there each night and spending more euros than probably any of the other tourists there.

...that is, until I discovered that they had one more pinball machine there. One night I ran out of coins, went to the counter in the other room to get more change, turned around, and hidden in the corner was an Addams Family in almost pristine condition.


Can you see the halo and the angelic choir hovering around the machine?


I found out about Pro Pinball only a year or so ago. I was instantly fascinated with their dedication to lifelike pinball simulation, and staying true to the way real machines are built.

Recently I´ve been playing a lot of a little gem called "Pinball Pulse - The Ancients Beckon" on the 3DS (a DSiWare download), which to me is the inofficial fifth table of the Pro Pinball series. It´s crazy how good it looks (given the low resolution of the DS), how realistic the physics feel, and how well the table is crafted (heavily inspired by Star Trek - TNG and the "don´t flip - FLIP!" magnet from Rollergames, but with a great greek god theme and very fun missions and enjoyable shots). Since the rights completely belong to Nintendo, it´s highly unlikely this sweet table will be rereleased on other platforms, but it´s worth checking out if you get the chance.

Sorry, this got kinda long! Anyway, I´ve been very fascinated especially by the stunning photorealism of the prerendered recreations of the classic tables. To me, pinball is a very sensual thing, and flashing lights, blinking inserts and a booming jackpot lightshow is just as much part of a good table as the design itself. I really love The Pinball Arcade, but I´m very excited and happy that the Pro Pinball team is sticking with prerendering. Playing with the iOS light simulator is making the wait almost unbearable ;)
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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby ThePlayer » Fri Oct 04, 2013 6:27 pm

Hey everyone,

I'm Ryan, 21 and I live in the USA.

I like both video games and pinball. Unfortunately there aren't many pinball machines in the state I live in (I have only found two places that have a pinball machine), so I have to rely on virtual pinball games most of the time.

I started playing the Pro Pinball games when I was a kid with Timeshock being my first one, and playing the rest later on. I had fun playing all four of the games and would play them non-stop. When I heard that all four of the Pro Pinball games were going to be remastered with the possibility of a new Pro Pinball game being created I was excited.

I participated in both kickstarters and I'm glad that the second one went well. I look forward to seeing the Pro Pinball series remastered, as well as see a new Pro Pinball game getting made :)
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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby Pinballwiz45b » Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:04 pm

Hey guys!

You may already know me from all over the internet. I may be only 17 years old, but I love pinball (and other games)!



I definitely can't wait to see what's in store for the ULTRA Editions!
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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby swinks » Fri Oct 11, 2013 11:33 pm

Hi everyone

I am Jady from Newcastle in Australia and love pinball, mainly real pinballs. I like to play the odd pinball game on the ipad or mac but when I saw how realistic this kickstarter project was I was blown away and had to be involved.

My goal is to design and build a cabinet and hopefully we will see all of the pro pinball tables come out in the realistic form.
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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby Lance_Boyle94 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:14 am

Hey guys,

My name's Mariano, I'm an 18 year-old dude from Argentina that has been using a MegaRace-based nickname since late 2009 for some reason. Some folks here might know me from the Pinball Arcade Fans forum.

I first heard of Pro Pinball through a demo of The Web included in a magazine coverdisk that was around the house. Don't remember much from it, I was probably much busier with Space Cadet and Microsoft Pinball Arcade. It wasn't until last year that I decided to give the series a chance, what with my growing interest of the silver ball (thanks to a trip we had done earlier that year, as well as The Pinball Arcade and the PHOF collections) and the first Kickstarter happening at that time. Gave the free BRUSA a shot, loved it, and shortly afterwards got the other games as well. Loved those too. Truly challenging and fun (especially Timeshock!, still gotta polish off my skills on that one)

Cheers to all, and I wish Ade and the Pro Pinball team all of the best!
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