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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby tenshi_a » Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:44 pm

This forum doesn't seem to get much traffic but I'll introduce myself anyway.

Hello, my name is Angie and I live in England. :)

I don't really remember a time before I was into pinball. When I was a child, I used to play the machines on summer holidays at the seaside, or at a local shopping mall, or wherever I could find them. I really like video pinball too. I used to play Slamball on C64, haha. Then Kirby's Pinball on Gameboy, Pokemon Pinball and Super Robot Wars Pinball on GBC then GBA... also on Nintendo handhelds I've really been a big fan of the other Barnstorm pinball games without even knowing they were made by the same company; even BRIAN BLESSED PINBALL whatever that was actually called, on Nintendo DSi. :) I will usually step up and argue at people on the internet in favour of Super Mario Ball being fun if anyone says it's a bad game! I don't know if you guys like those games any more, but I still do! :) Let's see.... I also like Naxat's "Alien Crush" and "Devil's Crush" (thinking about the wandering targets), Necronomicon and its mad mad multi-multi-multi-multiball on Sega Saturn... and I liked Zen Pinball / Pinball FX - well, their older tables at least; the newer ones don't feel like they had much thought put into them.

Oddly enough, I somehow bypassed Pro Pinball entirely the first time round. I am not sure how, or why. I just wasn't aware it existed until years later, when someone recommended them to me and I ended up playing the Xbox version years after.

My favourite real pinball table is Elvira: Scared Stiff. It's a nice table, not too difficult so it's good for a casual time, there are lots of features to chase, and it's got a lot of humour. I own one, which I bought off a fellow at a retro gaming convention a few years ago, and it's in my home office here next to me. :)
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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby heathertill » Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:35 am

Hello my name is Heather. Hi I am new here. Just bought this game. I enjoy playing pinball machines. Have played since I was a child. :D :) :D :)
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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby Chumface » Sat Sep 03, 2016 5:43 am

Hi...I am Steve. I have been playing Pro Pinball since Time! first came out.
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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby Goofy » Thu May 25, 2017 11:24 pm

Hi all!

I am Soeren and live in Germany: Pinball machines were a rare find for a kid in Germany back then (videomachine halyls unaccessible below 18), so I used most chances on the computers. Mastered Dave's Mignight Magic on the C64 quite well, liked the graphics but not much more in Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasy on the Amiga / PC

Pro Pinball was outstanding and I bough all 4 games. TS is my personal favourite, although I spent part of my studies online, and was very proud to once reach rank 3 in the worldwide ladder (something I still mention with pride in casual conversation). I am not really sure though, whether my nick online was Goofy as well...

I dream of getting the real machine from Silverball once completed, though am a bit afraid as I did not read much recently.

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Re: Let's get to know each other

Postby burvi2001 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:34 pm

I am an ex-champ Rampage with a record in old version from 2003.
I will get this version to try it...
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