Glad to see it back, it's great but. IOS

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Glad to see it back, it's great but. IOS

Postby bish » Thu Feb 05, 2015 12:22 pm

So pleased to see this old friend re-emerge into the light of day on IOS, but the implementation of the scren controls is fatally flawed.

The placement of the magna-save control right where the right flipper is contrrolled from has lead to so many lost balls. Plus, while the implementation of finger strokes to effect tilting is clever, it's all too easy, particularly in multiball sessions, to tilt simply because the tablet is in full motion as you play!

The rest of the game is at least as awesome as it was back in the day. I've been playing Pinball Arcade ever since I went over to Apple for all my IT, but they haven't had a lookin since Timeshock went IOS! Good work. Make it better, eh. :roll:
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