Exe does not pause bat file when executed

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Exe does not pause bat file when executed

Postby Pookamoondo » Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:34 am

I’m trying to run Pro Pinball exe suing a batch files so I can change the wallpaper to show a backglass before the game starts, and then restore it back to normal when the game closes….
EG, this is what my batch file does:

1 Change wallpaper to backglass
2 Run Pinball Pro exe
3 Change wallpaper back to normal

I do this for many other games on my CAB like Pinball arcade on steam, and they all work correctly as the batch file will not continue onto the third step until the program closes.
Now when I try this with the Pro Pinball exe in the steam common folder it instantly returns the wallpaper top normal and exits the batch file as complete, as the Pro Pinball exe does not appear to “pause the system/batch file”.
When I run most exes in a command line, the command line is paused until the exe is closed. Pro Pinballs exe does not do this. (Notepad does the same I noticed)
Is there any way around this other than using the START /WAIT command in front of the exe which should work, but does not……
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