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original pro pinball on cab

Postby mpad » Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:30 am

Hi folks,
While waiting for the ultras, has anyone tried or successfully managed to get the old / original pro pinballs on their cab?
I built a cab with an 40" playfield (no backglas) which runs win 8.1 64.
I own the cllectors edition and I havent tried to run them on anything newer than xp
It should be no problem, right?
Now I have the kickstarter version of timeshock and thought I give it a try.
I can get the game running, button inputs are emulatet with xpadder as keyboard. Fine.
But this only works in landscape. If I change the display to portrait the game won't start or crashes.
I know the games resolutions won't fit the diplay - I was just hoping it would be possible to display a lower resolution, rotated, in the center of the tv. With huge borders in top and bottom ;).
Maybe this can be done with messing around with some ini? Or maybe a thord party display tool?

Would just be grat to play those titles standig in front of the cab and using real flipper buttons.
...waiting for TS and more ultras to see the light of day.
They are just so much better in my memories than everything pinball related I have played ever since.
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Re: original pro pinball on cab

Postby insx » Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:46 pm

I tried with the Kickstarter edition and I was quite surprised to find that joystick input works directly (was this always the case?) However, it just ignored the fact that my Windows display was rotated and I can't see any way around that. I wondered if there might be some utility somewhere that could force it but I can't find anything.

On the positive side, just installing this and activating the Timeshock! flippers with my cabinet buttons makes me realise how brilliant this is going to be.
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