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Full-screen option

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 2:58 pm
by lifeisabeach
There really needs to be an option to be in full-screen "always". Coming up by default in a tiny window every single time is rather annoying. There also really needs to be a way to customize the keyboard controls. Using "modifier" keys like the shift key for flippers can be problematic. It wouldn't be in the course of running it on my desktop with a keyboard, but I plan to play it on my Mac mini connected to my TV with a gamepad, and I'm anticipating a problem with the gamepad software I use that remaps key presses to button presses in recognizing the shift key as a "standard" key and not a modifier key. This is certainly an issue with the original Windows versions of the series running under Wineskin on OS X even while played on the desktop with a keyboard and remapping the keys is a must in that situation.

EDIT: Confirmed. There is no way for me to differentiate between left and right-shift keys in my gamepad software. I'd also like to suggest adding the ability to navigate the menus with keyboard controls. Right now, it is purely mouse-driven. Ideally we could use a combination of TAB and arrow keys to control everything in the menus and not rely on the mouse.