Mac Version - key assignments and graphics options

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Mac Version - key assignments and graphics options

Postby Josephiah » Sat Dec 12, 2015 11:50 pm

Good to finally get my hands on a working Mac version. Looks great, but as others have commented on the Windows version, a few things do feel a little rushed.

Quick question: how do I change the key assignments? The default setup isn't great (backspace for magnosave?!)

Also, can anyone give us a rundown of which graphics options have the most impact on smooth running? At first I had to go down to the min settings to get it to run smoothly (oldish, but high-specced iMac, 3GHz core 2 duo, 6GB RAM), but after a bit of fiddling in the custom options, it seems to me that the ball detail/anti-aliasing have the biggest impact. Without ball anti-aliasing, I can just about run everything else at top spec...
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