Anyone have luck with Wine?

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Anyone have luck with Wine?

Postby larry » Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:42 am

I just tried installing the latest GOG versions of BRUSA ( and FJ ( under Wine on my burly Linux workstation (Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit, NVidia graphics with proprietary binary-blob driver). My results below.

The good news:

FJ played 100% correctly--graphics, sound, gameplay, music, everything. No foolin'. I dialed it up to max everything settings and it Just Worked.

BRUSA gameplay and graphics were all correct.

The bad news:

Sound on BRUSA doesn't work at all. It's garbled; it sounds like techno played by an Atari 2600.

The typematic rate on the setup menus is crazy fast. You tap the up/down key and it zooms up and down at lightspeed; when you release it lands on a random option.

Anyone know a fix for the typematic rate on the menus, or to make sound work for BRUSA?
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Re: Anyone have luck with Wine?

Postby shoodot » Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:57 pm

Try using an older Wine version. I have got BRUSA to work perfectly with version 1.3.28, but in emulated window mode. When not using emulated window it does not work as it should, just get a small window. Sound and menus are working.

This is easily set up with PlayOnLinux, where you can have different wine versions and configurations for different games, setting up desktop icons and other practical things.

You can also try version 1.0.1 and open winecfg, audio tab, and check driver emulation. In that way you may get sound working, but not the menus. You can play around with wine versions and try to find one that works better than what I have found.

You may also try to use an older computer. According to this ( it has to do with CPU speed.
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