[REQUEST] Button to flip through score summarize

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[REQUEST] Button to flip through score summarize

Postby JERONiMO » Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:01 pm

Hi Pro-Pinball developers,

First-off, I love this game! I'm addicted ;)

So much so, that I get frustrated about the amount of time it takes to summarize the score after a lost ball. I believe the Windows version of the came allows you to flip through the different stages with the launch-button. So you can get to the next ball a lot quicker. Please please add some sort of continue-button or even activate the launch-button immediately after you lost a ball, so we can get on with the game and save me (and probably a lot of other players) the frustration. Would be very much appreciated.

[Edited] It wasn't long before I figured out that activating both flippers at once skipped the score-summery, sorry bout that.

On a sidenote: I wouldn't mind to move the launch-button a little off-center so it is easier to reach with your thumb while playing of the iPad.

Thanks for taking these suggestions under consideration :D

With kind regards,
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