Head-2-Head gameplay in the US of A

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Postby pnoid » Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:51 pm

Hi Lazy, I hope the lobby will come back, I'm playing Brusa regularly lately, trying to break my old records.
But also head to head, against the pc on hard, I'm improving, but not there yet, didn't play for many years, so all my skills are blunt, first round I have problems hitting the taxi for the points, second round I have problems with timing the airbag, third round I have problems with the last 10 seconds.

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Re: Head-to-head

Postby pnoid » Fri Aug 22, 2014 3:26 am

I'm so sorry, I made a mistake in my head to head post where I mentioned how to make network play in head to head possible, I talked about version 1.18 and version 1.15, thats not completely ok :oops:
The last update is brexe118.exe, which installs BRUSA.exe version 1.18, and a few other things as well, I think.
brdat115.exe is an update that does not install a Brusa.exe, but things that makes it possible to study the table in detail and close-up, and a few other things as well, I think.
If I'm right the version that makes network play possible is version 1.12, an old one
Version 1.18, the latest, doesn't work if you want to play head to head in network mode.
I'm not sure if the nr of the old version is right, I removed my pinball games, I want to setup things differently.
But I think it is BRUSA.exe version 1.12.
Tomorrow all four Propinball games are installed again, and then I can look what the old version nr is, and will write it down here
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Re: Head-to-head

Postby pnoid » Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:01 am

BTW, if you are afraid of losing your settings and records made in BRUSA by following my recommendations for network play in head to head mode, and you operating sytem is windows7, which I use, take the following steps.
goto: C:\Documents and Settings\your name here\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA

and copy the files:

and save them somewhere else

In case something goes wrong, you can put them back in the same folder.
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Re: Head-to-head

Postby pnoid » Sat Aug 23, 2014 12:38 pm

According to BRUSA I have version 1.01 on my cd.
This is the version I used for networkmode.
For all other things, playing in The Lobby, Head to Head against the computer and normal gameplay I used 1.18
I switched between them by renaming them with two batch files, but it can be done by hand as well, but that takes more time.
With a batch files it takes a fraction of a second, one batch file for networkmode, and the other for playing with the updated version
Never had problems when I switched between the versions (settings and records).
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Re: Head-to-head

Postby pnoid » Sun Aug 24, 2014 12:25 am

I made another mistake, I mentioned the “brdat115.exe” update, that the purpose of this update is to enhance the table slideshow, details and closeups.
This update is not about head to head, but about the table, but it’s worth to mention it since I’ve seen several remarks about this update.
Remarks like: “no idea what this update does, probably not important, makes no difference if installed or not”
I’m not sure about that, but what is updated? the flippers?
There’s no need to look into “brdat115.exe” to see what it contains.
BRUSA keeps a record whenever something is installed or updated, in a file called “INSTAL.LOG” including the date and time of change.
So looking at this file, you can see exactly what has happened over time, what was installed and updated.
Below is a part of my “INSTAL.LOG” that shows what “brdat115.exe” updates.
I never saw a text file explaining what the purpose of this update is, it’s a mystery.
Maybe someone can explain?

*** Installation Started 08/23/14 15:17 ***
Title: Big Race USA - Data Update V1.15
Source: C:\Users\Pnoid\Desktop\Pinball\Pro Pinball\BRUSA Extra\Updates\brdat115.exe
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V01\flippers.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V01\move.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V01\View.map
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V01\View.set
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V02\flippers.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V02\move.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V02\View.map
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V02\View.set
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V03\flippers.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V03\move.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V03\View.map
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V03\View.set
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V04\flippers.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V04\move.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V04\View.map
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V04\View.set
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V05\flippers.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V05\move.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V05\View.map
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V05\View.set
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V21\flippers.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V21\move.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V21\View.map
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V21\View.set
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V22\flippers.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V22\move.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V22\View.map
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V22\View.set
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V23\flippers.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V23\move.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V23\View.map
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V23\View.set
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V24\flippers.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V24\move.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V24\View.map
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V24\View.set
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V25\flippers.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V25\move.zmp
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V25\View.map
File Overwrite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Pinball\BigRaceUSA\dat\pc\V25\View.set
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Re: Head-to-head

Postby pnoid » Thu Aug 28, 2014 5:35 am

Really, it was a very nice time when I played head-to-head in the lobby, not just playing the game against a human opponent, which makes the game much harder since a human is intelligent and a computer is a machine, much more stress caused by the human opponent, no time to relax during a game, sometimes I could see the opponents nerves when the opponent could not get the ball in the taxi, so even when far behind you could win, specially during the third round when playing multiball, relaxation was there in the lobby, talking and laughing about things
The maximum was 8 people at the same time in the lobby.
I remember several people, some names I lost, Lazy and Meise, Popeye, Vojta, Hanniball, Psycho, Ante, Lara.
CoolMom from Seattle USA, I still have the t-shirt with the BRUSA table printed on it, she made that possible, very good quality, I still wear it, colors are vibrant, not washed out.
Thick cotton, a black t-shirt with a part of the table, and the smiling yellow taxi jumping out of the shirt, maybe one day a collecters item, I should stop wearing it.
Vitesse was special, very good at head-to-head, but never entered a pinball record on Ante’s page as far as I know, he was mister cool, the best.
Maybe he only played head to head.
According to Vitesses own words Tarek was much better.
There’s a difference between head to head and normal gameplay, that is in speed(thinking and playing), all the decisions takes place in a fraction of a second, only an automatic mind can do that, there’s no time to relax, so playing many head-to-head games is recommended. to become automated, and against a good player every shot is important, that is where the nerves come from, meditation can help.
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Re: Head-to-head

Postby Huggybaby » Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:50 pm

I have my shirt from CoolMom too, but mine has never been worn. :)

It's a collector's item as far as i"m concerned! I think she still has a few in a box somewhere.
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Re: Head-to-head

Postby pnoid » Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:31 pm

I looked a bit closer, the print-paint is full of tiny cracks, like an old oil painting.
Maybe every crack represents a lost game while playing head to head.
A future owner could say "look, you can see how it was, this shirt is full of joy and tears"
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