The case of the vanishing pinball

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The case of the vanishing pinball

Postby FIL » Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:07 am

I just had a game where the ball stopped on the top of the left slingshot.

I didn't attempt a sideways nudge as I was confident that would dislodge it (although maybe not, judging by the discussion I've now seen in, but I was curious to find out what would happen with a vertical nudge.

Slightly to my surprise I found that while a vertical nudge pushed the ball up, it just settled back on the same spot. Clearly the physics of the situation allowed for no sideways motion whatsoever.

I then decided to find out what happened if I triggered a tilt with repeated vertical nudges. Naturally the game's attempts to retrieve the ball after the tilt all failed. That was my last ball, and so the game then asked if I wanted to continue -- and the stuck ball vanished from the table.

Just to be certain I continued the game, but the ball was definitely gone.

I can imagine reasons why this might have been done on purpose, but it rather spoiled the illusion of it being a real table. It would have been great if the ball at least remained on the table until a definitive decision to end the game was made (and ever better if it was still there for the next game, had I decided not to continue).

Instead of experiencing a very cool rare occurrence giving me a chance to get an old ball back in play and making the table seem that much more real, I was instead a bit disappointed at the game's failure to persist with the simulation.
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