Reflections for locked balls and rotating arm?

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Reflections for locked balls and rotating arm?

Postby FIL » Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:34 am

I considered putting this into the "totally frivolous feature request" thread, but...

With all the reflections in the game already, many of which I suspect you don't actively notice, I was almost surprised that the rotating arm and locked balls were not reflected in the side of the table, because this is a time in the game where your attention is not being occupied by anything else -- you tend to be actively looking at that area of the table, with nothing else to do for those few seconds, and so it was immediately noticeable to me that neither the arm motion nor the balls themselves were reflected.

Now I'm sure there are at least a hundred things I'd prefer to see dealt to before tackling something as unnecessary as this... but it sure would be cool if it was in the final release :)
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