[BUG] Novice mode and Glass off mode

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[BUG] Novice mode and Glass off mode

Postby Pacu99 » Sun May 15, 2016 6:18 pm

I've found some really easy-to-replicate bugs.
When starting a new game and choosing between regular and novice mode you can hold up both flippers at the same time (the right flipper really slightly before the other) and trigger the secret skill shot. If done right you will trigger the secret skillshot, and the regular mode, but with all continents lit (exept for the adventures) like novice mode.
Now an amazing bug... :D
When a quickshot is ready, turn on glass off mode and then tilt the table. Save the ball from draining holding the mouse button and then shoot the ball to start quickshot. Quickshot will start as normally (even music starts) but with no lights active(due to tilt). Complete the quickshot and present music (or other timezone ones) will start. Now you can do everyting as normal (like adventures, awards, quickshots, advance timedrive) but remember that you won't make points from table (like drops or ramps). As soon as you lose or lock the ball you will continue as you lost a ball. Also, flippers are disabilited and flashers works when in "tilt mode".
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