References in Timeshock?

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References in Timeshock?

Postby Propinballfan 5000 » Mon Jun 01, 2020 10:58 pm

Hey guys,
I noticed that most of Pro Pinball tables have a bunch of references from some Bally/Willams games, for example:
-Big race USA's Speedway Frenzy is reference to Medieval Madness' Multiball Madness
-Big race USA has six blue lights above the flippers, just like Attack from Mars does
-Going through different adventures in Fantastic Journey is reference to Junk Yard
-Fantastic Journey is the second game to feature General Yegov, while the first is F14 Tomcat
I was wondering, have anybody noticed any Bally/Williams references in Timeshock? And can you tell me some if you did?
I'm curious to know some references in Timeshock
Thanks in advance,
Propinballfan 5000
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