Reaching Wizard Frenzy - gameplay

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Reaching Wizard Frenzy - gameplay

Postby Piet » Sun Jul 15, 2018 1:00 pm

After struggling with this game for 20 years I've finally reached the Wizard Frenzy on factory settings and without using glass off mode. To be honest I've never bothered changing the factory settings (other than disabling Novice) or used glass off mode. Since I had a feeling I could reach it this time I managed to record it and I've uploaded it to YouTube.

I don't suddenly consider myself an expert now or even feel like I'm really good at this but perhaps sharing my strategy can help others get further and maybe reach Wizard Frenzy on factory settings as well.

First having a mechanical keyboard helps a lot. My 20+ year old indestructible membrane keyboard doesn't respond as fast and with certain keys pressed some keys don't register. My current keyboard connected to a ps/2 port registers all keys pressed simultaneously.

I'm always shooting w-a-r-p because during a Time Warp Frenzy you can progress without losing a ball. If there's nothing to progress I'll try to increase the Bonus Multiplier because at 25 you get an Extra Ball. I try to always have a Time Warp Frenzy ready for a Time Machine Frenzy. I also collect as many Scans as I can because it's an easy shot and I need the practise to keep it any easy shot.

Since yesterday I've started collecting both pieces of tachyonium in each time zone before starting a Time Machine Frenzy, because then you can start the Wizard Frenzy right after completing the Timeshock Frenzy.

When on a timer I deactivate the bumpers to save time. When I need an Exploration I may deactivate the Lock Ramp.

Make sure not to ignore the Middle Scoop, certain orbits or ramps because then you might not be able to hit them when you need to.
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Re: Reaching Wizard Frenzy - gameplay

Postby Straley » Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:52 pm

Makes sense. I know I shouldn't be hitting the Middle Scoop at random times, but it's so much fun. haha
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