[Win7] My ProPinball Testreport

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[Win7] My ProPinball Testreport

Postby Goasler » Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:56 pm


my Name is Goasler, i'm 31 Years old and come from Germany.

I've played the original ProPinball Timeshock! a longe time
and i'm a very very great fan of the Video Mode :D
I was pleased to see a Kickstarter project that would makle a new
edition of this successful classic pinball game.
and supported this course on Kickstarter.
I was not as happy as it is first came out for iOS,
i'm not a Apple Friend...

[Testreport ]
+ Lights go out / in Daylight Mode for Video Mode! FANTASTIC! :shock:
+ Runs perfect on my Machiene! :D
+ Graphics are bombastic! :shock:
+ LCD / DotMatrix are reflecing in the glass
+ Menue is easy to use
+ Resume Counter are Perfect! :shock:
+ Sounds listen very great
+ Scanner Sound very impressive
+ Download times @ Vertical Resolution 1920 ~10 minutes with a 16MBits Internet Access

- Keymapping only per Filechange (at the moment, i think will be fixed)

I like the new Game completely but i hope
that the original Settings and Game menue
will come back in Finish Build.

[My Keymapping]
SPACE to Shoot Pinball
SHIFT to Control Flippers
M for Magnosave

[My Computer Configuration]
Intel i7 4790K
16 GB Ram
ASUS GENE 2 Mainboard
Geforce GTX 980Ti Graficscart
Roccat Ryos MK Pro Keyboard
Logitech G700s Mouse
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