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A Discord server

Postby Penguinator » Mon Aug 29, 2016 5:05 am

I have created a Discord server for Pro Pinball after having good experiences by using it for discussion around fighting games on several servers. The discussion can happen with text messages or voice audio in real time, but the text also archives into a backlog so it works for both fast and slow paced discussion, yet the bar for posting simple things and questions is much lower than at forums. This is by no means a rival for the forums, but rather an alternative for more organic discussion about all sorts of subjects (eg. "Yay, I finally broke the 1 billion mark on Timeshock!", "I'm really bad at drop catches, any tips for when and how to use them?", "The SIlver Castle whitewood looks awesome, any recent news about it?").

Here's the invitation link to the server, feel free to spread it around.
I haven't really worked as an admin before, so any volunteers who'd like to help can send me a forum message and ask for admin rights for your Discord username.

Discord is completely free as an app (with no "premium" features or forced advertising) and you can also run it from a browser. It's also less CPU-heavy than other communication apps and it's even more useful if you follow multiple channels for various games.
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